Toolbar Dial is an extension for modern browsers that replaces the new tab page with a colorful grid of your bookmarks and folders.

Toolbar Dial Screenshot


Browser Bookmarks

Bookmarks and folders that you already have in the browser are used for display in the Toolbar Dial grid.

Ready to Use

No configuration is required, but many customizations are available.

Custom Backgrounds

A curated collection of backgrounds is available. You can also select a favorite photo from your device.

Dark Mode

Light and dark color schemes are available. Your device preference is used by default, but you can change it, if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Toolbar Dial respect my privacy?
Yes, your privacy is respected. Bookmarks are stored on your device and never leave the browser. Toolbar Dial uses the bookmarks permission to access your bookmarks and folders for display, and it uses the storage permission to save a custom background image, if you choose to use one.
Can I use an image as a dial's background?
At this time, no option is available for replacing a dial's background with a custom image.
Can Toolbar Dial capture a screenshot of a website for a dial's background?
Because of the commitment to respect your privacy, Toolbar Dial will not capture a screenshot of a website for a dial's background.
Can I change the color of a dial?
At this time, it isn't possible, but an option to change the color of a dial is coming soon.
How do I edit bookmarks and folders?
The ability to edit bookmarks and folders within Toolbar Dial is coming soon, but you can already drag and drop to change their order.
How do I create a new dial?
Toolbar Dial uses browser bookmarks. To create a new dial, just bookmark a page as usual. The ability to create a new bookmark or folder within Toolbar Dial is coming soon.
Where can I find customization options in Toolbar Dial?
Right click anywhere on the Toolbar Dial page and select Customize in the menu that appears.
Why is this extension named Toolbar Dial?
Toolbar Dial was originally a Firefox extension, and its name was inspired by the Bookmarks Toolbar — known as the Bookmarks Bar in Chrome. The name is a combination of Bookmarks Toolbar and Speed Dial.


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